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NAVENielsen Audio Video Encoder
NAVENebraska Animal Verification Enhancement
NAVENavigating and Acting in Virtual Environments
NAVENight Attack Vision Exploitation
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Para llegar alli, "la nave viajara nueve mil millones de kilometros en siete anos, completando nueve sobrevuelos a una velocidad de 60 kilometros por segundo, todo para poder alcanzar el planeta del Sistema Solar menos explorado", refirio Paolo Ferri, lider de operaciones de la mision en el Centro Europeo de Operaciones Espaciales.
Nave, a supplier of telecommunications equipment, was founded in 1998 and purchased by ADDvantage in 2014.
Navios Acquisition also agreed to extend the charter rate backstop of the Shinyo Kannika to the Nave Galactic.
The sale of the Nave Galactic transaction has been unanimously approved by a Special Committee of independent directors of Navios acquisition.
In his role, Nave will lead strategic planning, product development, market research, marketing and communications, events, project management and business analytics for HM.
Nave has been bucking the trends since she was a child, with the support of family, teachers and, later, professors at Alcorn State University, who encouraged her scientific pursuits as an undergraduate.
Sobre el abandono de la nave por parte de Schettino, un aspecto que ha levantado la polemica en Italia, la jueza indica que el capitan dejo el buque cuando a bordo del mismo permanecian "al menos un centenar de personas".
Dixon said yesterday that if anything was nave it was, in fact, the decision of the firms' management to move part of their business to the tax haven.
The church has three naves with dominant central nave.
Viajar en una nave espacial ya no es solo el sueno de los nostalgicos de Star Trek.
* CTE concentrators take more and higher level math than their general track counterparts, according to a 2002 National Center for Career and Technical Education (NCCTE) study (2) * The 2004 National Assessment of Vocational Education (NAVE) (3) Final Report found that occupational concentrators increased their 12-grade test scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress NAEP) by about eight scale points in reading and 11 points in math, while students who took little or no CTE coursework increased their reading on NAEP by only four points and showed no improvement in math achievement.