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NAVELNarcan, Atropine, Valium, Epinephrine, Lidocaine (mnemonic for drugs deliverable via ET tube)
NAVELNerve, Artery, Vein, Empty space, and Lymphatic (mnemonic, femoral artery location)
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" He shared how some foreign guests were surprised about the cities of the Philippines, as presented in the "Neoliberalism" navel. "They didn't realize the level of development that's going on," he said.
The former navel chief also addressed the function.
As shown in Figure 1, the proposed method first detects the nipple area of a woman by using color information from color images, then it detects candidate navel areas using location information of the detected nipple area, edge images, and saturation images.
The Navel Chief highlighted Pakistan's determination and performance against the war on terror.
The founding editors called it Omphalos as a nod to this idea of Jerusalem as the "navel" of the world.
UP FRONT Amanda Holden's dress, which plunged to her navel, angered some viewers.
The post Take a wider view of navel gazing appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The novel begins in June with Alain contemplating the exposed navels he spots on various women he sees while strolling through Paris.
"Last year, mandarins were up 23 percent over prior year and surpassed navel orange sales by 27 percent."
Engage your abdominal muscles by feeling as though you're pulling your navel in toward your spine.
Miami, FL, September 25, 2015 --( An innovative and highly useful new body jewelry accessory, Navel Novelties, has been developed by inventor Cynthia Hasbany of Sylvan Lake, Michigan.