NAVELSFNaval Expeditionary Logistics Support Force
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Working side-by-side with their Army and Marine Corps counterparts, they quickly earned an "anytime, anywhere" reputation for NAVELSF.
Fleet Forces Command, NAVELSF was a hands-down favorite for the new mission.
LT Rob Guy from Naval Cargo Handling Battalion 13 to NAVELSF FWD HQ, Camp Arifjan, Kuwait
CDR Jack May, Reservist deployed to NAVELSF FWD HQ, Camp Arifjan Kuwait
NAVELSF combat logistics department identified Sailors within the department as well as NCHB-1 with unique driving skills, experience or potential and desire to participate in a convoy to drive these vehicles to Cheatham Annex (CAX), Williamsburg, from Orange, Texas, said CDR Danny Motley, NAVELSF Director of Combat Logistics and convoy commander.
A third group of NAVELSF Sailors--drawn from NCHB 9 in Springfield, Mo.
The mission of NAVELSF FWD OSCAR is to protect our homeland from foreign contaminants like bugs, soil and plants, and illegal materials like weapons and contraband," said Senior Chief Storekeeper Sharon Leslie, passenger processing center supervisor.
The training provided was in addition to combat skills training provided by NAVELSF.
SK2 Esther Elendu, Reservist serving with NAVELSF FWD O/Customs
CAPT Terrance Ronan, NAVELSF staff Reserve Operations/Plans Department Head, led the attendees in uplifting responsorial verses.
At the gathering of approximately 40 Supply Corps officers, RADM Stone was presented with a memento by CAPT Ray English, Commander of NAVELSF Forward Alpha and CAPT Lyman Foster, Commander of NAVELSF Forward Bravo.
The first article is an overview of the six month deployment for NAVELSF Forward ALPHA.