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Some are the key players that are considered in the coverage list of this study are Compli, AssurX, LogicManager, Corporater, MasterControl, Zenefits, Nintex Promapp, SafetySync, Assignar, NAVEX Global, MyEasyISO, Intellect, Workiva, SiteDocs & Field iD.
NAVEX said this transaction is in direct response to customers' desire for a more holistic approach to GRC programme development that includes both compliance and integrated risk management.
BYU-Idaho students are the primary employee pool for NAVEX, Johnson said.
Mutual funds posted on the TSX NAVex platform will be available to all participants who presently trade TSX-listed equities and ETFs, that coupled with inherent help for bulk trading, develops a new distribution channel for mutual fund makers.
The yacht now boasts GPS, mini satcom, fax and navex, and a Panasonic telephone exchange has been fitted.
Its NAVEX and Digital Immune System technologies provide hands-free virus detection, analysis and repairs via automated submission and response mechanisms.
Symantec Web Security leverages Symantec's cross-platform NAVEX scan engine technology and the Digital Immune System, Symantec's unique technology that automates the submission of potential threats and automatically delivers cures to problem machines or the entire enterprise.
Esta solucion fortalece la tecnologia de motor de exploracion Navex de Symantec y Digital Immune System, que automatiza el envio de amenazas potenciales y entrega de manera automatica curas para las maquinas que tienen el problema.
The new version makes use of all the key anti-virus technologies available in Symantec's anti-virus products, including Bloodhound heuristics and the NAVEX engine.
Some of the key players profiled in the study are Skillsoft, Blackboard, GP Strategies, SAI Global, Cornerstone, Saba, NAVEX Global, City&Guilds Kineo, CrossKnowledge, LRN, 360training, Interactive Services, GlobalCompliancePanel, EI Design & LSA Global.
A vendor was selected (Navex Global, Lake Oswego, Oregon), and a specialist was engaged to train key stakeholders.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 19, 2018-UK-Based BC Partners to Acquire, Recapitalise NAVEX Global