NAVHDANorth American Versatile Hunting Dog Association
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I use a trained retrieve or force-fetching method on all my Small Munsterlanders mainly to insure a dependable search, pick up, and return of any bird I send them after during any kind of NAVHDA or German-type tests," says John Liscovitz, president of KLMGMA.
Herz has contributed to the Small Munsterlander's popularity by testing several of her dogs in NAVHDA, gaining Versatile Champion titles for two of them.
Regina, a 6-year-old Bracco who is also the first of her breed to earn a Versatile Champion (VC) title in NAVHDA.
This is why I specialize in Braccos and their cousin, the Spinone Both breeds take some special methods to get the most out of them for hunting purposes and for testing in NAVHDA or the Versatile Hunting Dog Association," Erickson has found.
NAVHDA TESTS Though Large Munsterlanders have been tested by the North American Versatile Hunting Association (NAVHDA) since the 1970s, die breed has done best in the last decade with more passing scores in Natural Ability and Utility.
Large Munsterlanders are one of my favorite breeds to train for testing in NAVHDA and as hunting dogs," says Eddie Erickson, who owns and operates Autumn Breeze Kennel in Isle, Minn.
NAVHDA tries to set up the tests so every dog has the exact identical situation as nearly as possible; a kind of "all hoops to be jumped through are exactly the same size and the same height above the ground" scenario instead of judging how well the dog handled the situation that presented itself.
S(Solution): What the "know it" guys in NAVHDA are trying to a tell you is your dog has lost his motivation for searching and getting nothing for the effort.
The original test we devised when forming NAVHDA 40 some years ago went like this: The duck was released on land about 50 feet from water's edge, then hazed toward the water where it entered and swam away leaving a trail on land and on the water.
Though a breed organization such as the Deutsch Kurzhaar Club of North America still adheres to the original German ideals with their dogs, most other German short-hair breeding and testing groups, such as the German Shorthair Club of America and NAVHDA, have dropped the Continental emphasis on blood tracking, fierceness in dispatching predators and tracking big game.
Let me know where you live, town and state, and I will check to see if there is a NAVHDA chapter nearby where you might be able to get help.
Other French Brittany breeders run their dogs through NAVHDA and AKC hunt tests as ways to prove the hunting instincts and trainability of their clogs.