NAVILCONavy International Logistics Control Office
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The relief had been designated, but Engelmann suggested that he be authorized to delay long enough to spend some time at NAVILCO and take a Defense Department course in basic Farci before coming to Iran.
He joined the Navy International Logistics Control Office (NAVILCO) as a systems analyst in the Policy and Programs Department 13 August 1979.
GA - LAN/Email * APADE at NSC Charleston - Relational DB's * MISIL at NAVILCO - Office Automation * COMPASS for Royal Saudi Navy 1990's - CD-ROM - DoD CIM Support - Object-Oriented - FMSO Programming Reorganization Setting a - Internet/WW/ - Fee-For Service Intranet Operations New Course - Client Server - CMM Level 4 Rating (HP 9000's.