NAVOCEANONaval Oceanographic Office
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NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Yokosuka Site Manila received a BZ from NAVOCEANO.
It enables NAVOCEANO to go back up the chain to demonstrate whether the fleet is properly sized to complete the necessary work.
NAVOCEANO also uses the Cray(R) system extensively to support operational Navy HPC needs to increase the safety and effectiveness of U.
NAVOCEANO/DoD's newly expanded 816-processor Cray T3E supercomputer, among the top ten most powerful computers in the world, and its 256-processor SGI Origin 2000 system, among the world's largest Origin installations, represent recent substantial increases in high performance computing capability at NAVOCEANO as a result of its long-standing relationship with SGI.
To accomplish this, NAVOCEANO has a fleet of seven ships to conduct oceanographic survey operations.
Some of our applications require the CPU power of vector systems while others benefit from the unique capabilities of the ccNUMA architecture," said Terry Blanchard, Major Shared Resource Center (MSRC) director at NAVOCEANO.
Hydroid will provide NAVOCEANO with spare parts, service and support for the organization's one REMUS 100 and three REMUS 6000 AUVs.
This master repository, of environmental data gathered by NAVOCEANO and computer code developed by research institutions, is the core of Navy environmental predictions.
To meet this challenge, NAVOCEANO has endeavored to become fully integrated in the Navy Marine Corps Portal (NMCP), FORCENet and a full participant in Net-Centric Warfare.
NAVOCEANO acquires and analyzes global ocean and coastal data to provide specialized, operationally significant products and services for warfighters and civilians, national and international customers.
OSSI selected the Olliance Consulting Group to lead the NAVOCEANO study because of their expertise in the business, financial and technical aspects of open-source technologies and their relations with the community and industry vendors," said John Weathersby, OSSI chairman.
To provide this data, NAVOCEANO resurveyed the entire operation area, gathering data on mine-like objects, bottom sedimentation and high-resolution depth soundings.