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Beyond existing NAVOSH and 3710 guidance, to better understand circadian rhythms and fatigue, we recommend you consult NAVMED P-6410 (Performance Maintenance During Continuous Flight Operations).
Check with your base safety or environmental office for a schedule of required NAVOSH training classes, including the four-hour hazcom referesher.
In the course of these surveys, my safety analysts and I take a hard look at how recurring NAVOSH training requirements are documented.
At the NAVOSH Professional Development Conference, held March 12-16, 2007, in Virginia Beach, Va., NNSY showcased its successful VPP journey at the VPP panel session.
When doing surveys on organizational airframes and corrosion work centers, I look at the following programs: hydraulics, tire and wheel, tools, NAVOSH, corrosion, ERT, RPPM, hazmat/hazwaste, and command safety.
I really don't want to drag readers down with more mind-numbing statistics with regards to how many boats lack waiver letters of designation for their CPOs assigned as the Safety Officer or how many boats cannot produce ample documentation of required NAVOSH training.
Add comments on the progressive improvements over the past three to five years that are being seen in your NAVOSH programs, such as ergonomic-research participation and how it fits into the facility's management plan.
Not only was the command focused on off-duty-mishap training, they also just had been complimented on a superlative NAVOSH safety inspection.
The author is a NavOSH specialist in the NAS Brunswick, Maine safety office.
Paragraph D1507 and Appendix D15-G of OPNAVINST 5100.19D, NAVOSH Program Manual for Forces Afloat, discuss the storage standards and handling.
[The applicable reference here is paragraph C0102x of the NavOSH Program Manual for Forces Afloat (OpNavInst 5100.19D, with change 1), which says, "Do not lean against lifelines.
As a battery-safety program manager, you are responsible for ensuring that personnel involved with handling and using all batteries receive quarterly training IAW the NAVOSH program.