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NAVSANational Academy of Von Schrader Associates (cleaning)
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But Mr Navsa, who splashed out PS10,000 on a rose gold paint job for the Aventador SV, said the penalty was cheaper than risking scraping it in a pay and display car park.
Mr Navsa, director of event company Navsa Ltd, said: "It is cheaper to pay for a PS35 ticket to have it in front of your eyes, rather than pay for damage.
Mr Navsa paid PS340,000 for the lavish vehicle last year before splurging another PS60,000 on customising it.
It's more fashionable now with different colours and styles which makes it more attractive to wear," Navsa told Reuters in a break from exams.
Working Group, the Columbia "Politics of Form" conference, and the "Voicing the Victorian Poets" panel at NAVSA 2011.
Thanks also to Yopie Prins for stimulating discussions on the poetic voice at the NAVSA 2011 conference.
The theme of the 2007 NAVSA conference was "Victorian Materialities" and what we began to observe in the papers was that we were all interested, in one way or another, in the boundaries and borders of what had been named "cultural neoformalism." From Jason Hall's paper on the "hexameter machine" to Emily Harrington's discussion of Michael Field's publication history, m Catherine Robson's history of the popular poem "The Burial of Sir John Moore after Corunna," it was clear that less abstract and more historical, indeed, more material investigations of poetic form were afoot.
The 2010 Charlottesville Victorians Institute Conference theme was "By the Numbers" and the Montreal NAVSA 2010 topic was "Scale and Perspective." Whereas past Victorian studies conferences had perhaps only one or two panels concerning poetry, now conferences seem specifically concerned with issues of prosody: form, counting, scale.