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NAVSCIATTSNaval Small Craft Instruction & Technical Training School
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Naval Special Warfare (NSW) and United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM or SOCOM) decided to take NAVSCIATTS as part of the "NSW Coastal and Riverine Training Center" concept leading to fiscal year (FY) 1999 Program Budget Decision (PBD) 715 signed 21 December 1998 that assigned USSOCOM the responsibility to establish and operate NAVSCIATTS and ultimately relocate the command to National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA's) John C.
NAVSCIATTS was re-established during a ceremony onboard the John C.
In 2006, the Commander of United States Special Operations Command assigned NAVSCIATTS the following new mission:
Combatant commanders, embassy security assistance officers and theater special operations commands are increasingly looking for training opportunities like NAVSCIATTS to train their partner nations," he added.
His command recently transitioned to fall under Naval Special Warfare Group 4 to further operationalize the school's mission and improve the lash-up between NAVSCIATTS riverine and littoral training with the State Department's and U.
I think WHINSEC as well as NAVSCIATTS have become a strategic tool and is significant to what we do, not only in our hemisphere but throughout the world as long as we have institutions like this that can enhance skills, foster security cooperation and build relationships and partnerships," said Santiago.
Additionally, NAVSCIATTS conducts security force assistance missions in support of Geographic Combatant Commanders (GCCs) in accordance with SOCOM priorities using in-resident courses and Mobile Training Teams (MTT) to prepare partner nation security forces to conduct small craft operations in riverine or littoral environments within their own countries.
Wolf would like to use NAVSCIATTS to shape Naval Special Warfare's combatant-craft global impact through partner nation capability assessments.
NAVSCIATTS in-resident training is an effective first step of United States Government development of partner nation forces, focusing on teaching independent maintenance, limited planning, and the basics of combined operations.
It is absolutely amazing what NAVSCIATTS has gone through in the last ten years--in fact it just celebrated its 10-year anniversary under Naval Special Warfare (NSW) in September [2009] with a Global Maritime Security Force Assistance Symposium, attended by eleven key partner nations.
Question: NAVSCIATTS has a heavy emphasis on boat operator/maintainer training.
In the past NAVSCIATTS did not have the capacity they had the experience and the expertise to train.