NAVSPASURNavy Space Surveillance System
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The computation relied on approximately 800 observations monthly by a "heterogeneous collection of electronic and optical sensors that fed data into a computing facility." That hodgepodge of sensors included NAVSPASUR; various USAF detection and tracking radars, like the AN/FPS-17 at Laredo, Texas, the AN/FPS-49 at Moorestown, New Jersey, and the AN/FPS-43 and 44 on the island of Trinidad; General Electric's Radio-Optical Observatory near Schenectady, New York; the SAO camera network; and Moonwatch teams.
Meanwhile, in 2003, the Navy began transitioning operational control of its aging AN/FPS-133 NAVSPASUR interferometric detection fence--three transmitters and six receivers located across the United States along the 33rd parallel--and the Alternate Space Control Center at Dahlgren, Virginia, to AFSPC.
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