NAVSTANaval Station
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Key players such as NAVSTA Rota, Base Naval de Rota (Spanish Navy), U.S.
The diversity of professional communities and their expertise onboard NAVSTA Newport has significantly enhanced our training opportunities.
Lyn Smith, the life skills educator for NAVSTA Everett, said the training covers a very important topic and provides vital information to the command leadership.
Forward-Deployed Naval Force (FDNF) units homeported at NAVSTA Rota are noticing a significant decline in customer wait time for their surface cargo.
Three People's Liberation Army-Navy (PLA-N) vessels arrived pierside at NAVSTA Mayport, Nov.
The canine detachment at Naval Station (NAVSTA) Pearl Harbor's trains for a variety of scenarios to assist in providing security on base.
RATE NAME COMMAND LSC Desma Bishun USS WILLIAM P LAWRENCE DDG 110 CS2 Ileene Davis NAVSTA NORFOLK VA CS2 Petagaye Hyltonsanderson USS HARPERS FERRY LSD 49 LS2 Emily Marien ASD OCEANA CS1 Dominque Saavedra USS MICHAEL MURPHY DDG 112 LSI Kayla Williamson USS AMERICA LHA 6 Alternates--These Sailors will be contacted if a primary is unable to report as assigned.
The harbor, at nearby Naval Station (NAVSTA) Mayport, can provide a home for more than 30 ships.
While supporting operations in 6th Fleet AOR, Site Rota has also been busy with C2 for intermodal operations, coordinating and planning with DLA Rota, NAVFAC Rota, 82nd Airborne, Theater Aviation Sustainment Manager-Europe (TASM-E), NAVSTA Rota Port Operations, Military Police, Firemen, and contractors to facilitate movements of Army units to and from Afghanistan.
The Navy's decision is to implement the preferred alternative, which is to homeport a single nuclear powered aircraft carrier (CVN) at Naval Station (NAVSTA) Mayport, and to complete associated infrastructure modifications.