NAVTAGNaval Tactical Analysis Game (US Navy)
NAVTAGNaval Tactical Gaming
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Navtag rushed his son to the nearby renowned Oxford hospital where medics battled in vain to revive the young Arsenal fan in April 2009.
Damien's body lay in the morgue at his ancestral village of Herian, while Navtag battled with red-tape to get his son's body flown back to the UK for a post mortem.
Navtag said: "I was adamant that I did not want the post mortem to be done in India because I was just a bit wary about what they might do to his body.
We would like to pay tribute in the village where he died FATHER NAVTAG KHUNKHUNA "He just loved life," Mr Khunkhuna said.
"Comparing 'NAVTAG' to "Kill Chain" is like comparing a bicycle to a railroad locomotive," he said.