NAVWARNavigation Warfare
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Caption: LEFT: NovAtel has a license to manufacture and supply the NAVWAR Electronic Attack Trainer (NEAT), which was initially developed by Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC).
Finally, the unit will continue its support to end-users worldwide with its NAVWAR and analysis experts, whose requirements are expected to grow as the GPS user operations center continues to mature.
The NAVWAR study will define and evaluate new technologies and techniques, and develop system-level architectures for protecting the GPS signal during conflicts, while also minimizing the disruptive impact to civilian and commercial users.
When developed as a system, the NAVWAR architecture will include a variety of new technologies, operational concepts and tactics that will affect electronic warfare systems, the GPS satellite, ground command and control systems, receivers and antennas.
This classified conference will cover the expanding role of NAVWAR with emphasis on threats, vulnerabilities and countermeasures.
Navigation Warfare Award: presented to Steven Ganop for sustained leadership in formulating a methodology and execution plan to define NAVWAR requirements for the next-generation global positioning system.
Stan Alterman led a NAVWAR Conference that clearly illuminated the severe problems with GPS vulnerability to jamming and presented affordable solutions.
A NAVWAR advanced concept technology demonstration (ACTD) focused on validating the technologies for implementing EW countermeasures against satellite navigation systems has been implemented.
How this country achieves the goals of NAVWAR is the subject of several current contracts.
One might consider buying the Russian global navigation satellite system (GLONASS), completing it and giving it to either the civilian sector or the military, which-ever comes closest to solving the NAVWAR needs.
Time, money and expertise will be required to identify the optimum approach to achieving the goals of NAVWAR.