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NAWANational Academy of Western Art
NAWANational Association of Women Artists
NAWANorth American Wolf Association
NAWANational Avian Welfare Alliance
NAWANorth American Women’s Association (various locations)
NAWANew Age Wrestling Alliance
NAWANorth Africa-West Asia
NAWANorth Area Wrestling Association
NAWANorth Atlanta Wedding Alliance
NAWANorthern Alberta Windsurfing Association (Alberta, Canada)
NAWANorthern Amateur Wrestling Association
NAWANew Afghanistan Women Association
NAWANational Association for Working Americans
NAWANorth American Weather Association
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Contractors continually encounter environmental liability in everyday situations ranging from job site operations to the transportation and disposal of waste," says Nawa.
Onda li ndi uvite nawa molwashoka kapu na ngoka e wete ndje sho nda tokola okulya onyama niikaha yowala.
We are delighted to be walking side-by-side with Nawa International in raising the standards, and innovation levels in Oman".
Units of national security forces after 13 days of fierce operations evicted Taliban militants from Nawa district and established government control there for the first time in the past 10 years," Ahmadi told reporters here.
In Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said rebels and Al Qaeda seized the southern town of Nawa on Sunday from troops loyal to President Bashar Al Assad after months of intense fighting.
Speaking at a press conference, NAWA director Shafiqa Habibi said 35 percent of the cases involved powerful individuals, commanders and irresponsible gunmen.
Fortunately, Hamacher was able to gather most of NAWA before the onset of Syria's terrible civil war.
company officials have announced the formation of an overseas joint venture with Indian company NAWA Engineers and Consultants Private Ltd.
The dad-of-three, 39, died at the scene of the Tal iban blast near Nawa in Helmand province on Saturday.
To prevent this, both countries, along with members of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), established regular border meetings, such as the one held at Nawa Pass in Kunar province, Afghanistan July 5.
The winners of the BD2,000 cash prizes are Mahmoud Mohammad Sharaf, Gulned Mzaki Khan or Nawa Khan, Mohammed Sadeq Mandani, Bader Ahmad Al Ansari, Yousef Ali Mohammed Ali Hussain, Najem Turky Hussain, Sameha Abdulraouf Saleh Badawi or Ali Ahmed, Jamal Mahdi Alwan Al Jeel, Mark Maccabe, Salman Khamis Salman Mohammed, Ali Awal Abdulhussain and Badriya Abdulla Jassim Al Hoori.
The Nawa Center (Tune Center) is the only shelter in Erbil city for women who have been threatened by their husbands or parents.