NAWAPANorth American Water and Power Alliance
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Entre los planes exteriores hay que considerar el NAWAPA, el Plan Mesoamerica y, sobre todo, el IIRSA, que afecta directamente a Sudamerica y al SAG (Lasserre, 2005; Segrelles, 2010).
Moss (D-Utah), a "Western Water" subcommittee of the Senate Public Works committee produced a study on NAWAPA in its various aspects, and held a series of sub-committee hearings.
NAWAPA was originally designed to bring bulk water from Alaska and northern British Columbia for delivery to 35 U.S.
With Bush as problem-solver we have a meaty, protein-crammed twinnednoun description, leaving the wild-eyed visionaries in the dust along with Wilhelm Reich, Velikovsky, the Anabaptists and the man who dreamed up the Nawapa Project.
Two proposals that readily come to mind are the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA) plan and the Grand Canal project.