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Mr Nawar added: "As our members highlighted in the survey, improving corporate governance is a crucial element in ensuring the sustainable growth of the region's financial services market since this will put the interests of investors first, whilst aiming to generate returns in an ethical and transparent manner.
The source also confirmed that the attacks took place while the Army was raiding the Nawar and Qareiah camps near Arsal.
On April 11, 2002, a Tunisian al-Qa'ida operative named Nizar Bin Muhammad Nasar Nawar (Sayf al-Din al-Tunisi) ignored security officers' orders to stop and drove a truck filled with liquid propane into the wall of el-Ghriba Synagogue, one of Africa's oldest Jewish synagogues, in Djerba, Tunisia.
Mahmoud Nawar, CFA, President of CFA Society Bahrain commented: "The financial challenges faced by the Middle East has reconfirmed the importance of ethics, education and good corporate governance in the investment markets.
Nawar stated that 65% of business managers focus on the non-financial rewards as a motivator for employees.
Tout en denoncant l'indifference et les longues tergiversations du gouvernement dans le traitement de ce dossier, Nawar a appele le chef du gouvernement en place a prendre en charge le dossier et a executer les termes de l'accord particulierement en ce qui concerne l'emploi des personnes fichees par la police dans les delais les plus brefs.
Pointing to the alarming statistics of the UAE being one of the leading countries in the region for overweight and obese adults in the age group of 15 and above, Dr Nawar said residents had a golden opportunity to reduce their weight if they observed the fast, keeping in mind a balanced nutrition.
Abu Nawar is located in the E1 area, where Israel continuously violates international laws by expanding illegal settlements on confiscated Palestinian land.
I am honoured to take over a role that will play an important part in helping to drive the very best international standards here in the kingdom," Nawar said.
Fiorella Nawar is now providing care for patients in the intensive care unit at Sparks Regional Medical Center in Fort Smith.
In the meantime, Head of Railways Authority Samir Nawar said the authority was working on implementing an overall development system that matches with the international standards.
Nawar is a shy 17-year-old with very pale skin, just like her sister Souza, who is 16.