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the bashrafs, and the various instrumental genres which frame the core vocal cycle of the nawba.
The songs of the nawba are divided into five genres, each named after its corresponding rhythmic-metric cycle, or iqa', performed in the following sequence: btayhi, barwal, draj, khafif, and khitm (ex.1).
If performed without melody instruments the nawba may be represented by the vocal genres alone, and still be regarded as complete.
Separating the btayhi from the barwal songs, the tuwshiyya is anomalous in belonging to the tab' of the following nawba in the mega-cycle, thus functioning as a herald for the next performance.
The expanded nawba cycle is thus divided into two unequal parts: a large-scale instrumental introduction followed by a longer, predominantly vocal section, interrupted by an instrumental interlude.
Table 1 the sequence of the expanded nawba cycle genre metre rhythmic cycle tempo Instrumental istiftah duple - slow msaddar triple long slow tawq triple short faster silsilah triple short fast Vocal abyat = btayhi duple long slow btayhi duple long slow tuwshiyya(*) = barwal duple short fast btayhi - long slow dkhul barwal duple long slow barwal duple short fast draj triple long slow khafif triple long slow khitm triple short fast (*) Instrumental interlude in five nawbat only