NAWCANorth American Wholesale Co-Op Association
NAWCANorth American Wetlands Conservation Act of 1989
NAWCANorth American Waterfowl Conservation Act of 1989
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NAWCA grants conserve bird populations and wetland habitat, while supporting American traditions such as hunting, fishing, birdwatching, family farming, and cattle ranching.
According to Ducks Unlimited, conservation measures funded through NAWCA include 1,800 projects that have protected over 23 million acres in the US, Canada and Mexico, including 1.
NAWCA has ensured that these forested wetlands remain in good condition.
Since it was first enacted in 1989, NAWCA has helped fund more than 960 wetland conservation projects in all 50 U.
Since many of Americas birds spend part of their time in other countries, NAWCA provides grants to Canada and Mexico as well, to ensure waterfowl and other birds are protected throughout their lifecycles.
With CRP under attack, NAWCA (North American Wetlands Conservation Act) up for a re-vote and bizarre weather drama wrecking duck seasons across the country, it's easy to be maudlin about our waterfowling State of the Union.
In the first budget bill, funding for the NAWCA grant program was eliminated completely and the WRP program funding was cut permanently by 48,000 acres.
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