NAWFNodes above White Flower (cotton disease)
NAWFNational Anti War Front
NAWFNorth Alabama Whitewater Festival
NAWFNew Arab Woman Forum
NAWFNational Animal Welfare Foundation
NAWFNorth American Waterfowl Federation (est. 1983)
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Key words: NAWF, NACB, Plant height, senescence Bt cotton.
Total observations from early flowering to physiologically cutout stages were eight and NAWF included as fixed factor for easy and clear measurement of senescence in cotton crop.
NAWF counts for third week of flowering were recorded for all varieties, in both locations, over the two years of study (Table 2).
Mean values of NAWF counts in Tal Hadyia and Soujeh cultivation locations over the two years of study
Similarly NI-NFBR resulted in more NAWF than NI-FBR.
In our study, crop maturity as determined by NAWF was significantly affected by both irrigation and fruiting branch removal.
Treatment effects on NAWF were similar each year of the study with values declining at a slower rate in the infested treatment than in the control, thus the infested plants reached 5.
Effect of early insect infestation on first-position square abscission, final plant height, number of sympodia, lint yield, harvestable bolls, boll weight, and number of days after planting (DAP) to NAWF = 5.
Kobaissy also criticized the march organized by the NAWF for Thursday to take place between the Four Seasons hotel and Downtown Beirut, until the title "Sawa, Sawa.
However Lamees Dhaif, a Bahraini journalist and activist, said events like NAWF were vital to maintain links in women's movement across the region.
Kicking off the forum earlier, caretaker Education Minister Bahia Hariri said NAWF, organized by the Arab League, women's magazine Al-Hasnaa and Al-Iktissad Wal Aamal Group, embodied "the pillars of rebirth to which the Arab countries and the Arab nation aspire today.
The opening ceremony included speeches by Nadine Abou Zaki, editor-in-chief of Al-Hasnaa magazine and NAWF executive officer; Hanna Sorour, director of the Department of Women's Affairs, at the Arab League; and Tammam Salam, Lebanon's Minister of Culture.