NAWICNational Association of Women In Construction
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The NAWIC Education Foundation has continuing education certification programs that are administered by Clemson University in South Carohna, she said.
Being involved with Construction Career Days allows NAWIC to get involved with the local community" says Babb, "and gives us all a great sense of personal satisfaction, knowing we helped some kids possibly decide their future.
Janet Papkin, San Fernando Valley NAWIC contest chairwoman, was impressed with the entrants' abilities.
Having participated in the growth of NAWIC over the past 15 years, I look forward to expanding the reaches of our association and building our membership," said Ms.
The competition is administered by the NAWIC Education Foundation to create an awareness of job opportunities in the construction industry.
To meet, support and network with other women working in construction NAWIC goals:
National Association of Women in Construction, 51st Annual NAWIC Convention
As part of her research for a chapter on women's health and safety for Construction Safety Management and Engineering a book published by the American Society of Safety Engineers, safety and industrial hygiene manager Carol Schmeidler distributed a survey through NAWIC to almost 200 women working in construction.
With property and construction booming in the North-West, NAWIC - the National Association of Women in Construction - has formed a North-West committee under the chairmanship of Claire Bateman.
NAWIC members said they chose this project because it enabled them to use their talents and skills to make a young woman's life just a little easier.
Honored guests included Nelson MacWilliams from Duncan Hunter's Office, Rich Grosch from Marty Block's office, and Janice Ransay-Gonsales NAWIC Region 12 Director.