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NAWLNational Association of Women Lawyers
NAWLNational Association of Women and the Law (Canada)
NAWLNorth American Woodsball League (paintball)
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At many firms, all of a client's legal work gets incorporated into one bill, for which typically only one attorney at the firm gets billing responsibility - or credit - even if multiple attorneys were involved in the legal work for that client, saidAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA Sh Jones, 59, who is on the board of directors for NAWL and president of Jones Diversity Inc., a company that works to create more inclusiveness in the workplace.
NAWL does point out that its report found that the percentage of women in corporate general counsel positions and law school tenured faculty have fared better than women equity partners in law firms.
They explained the meaning of the "purpose clause" at the Special Joint Committee, the well-attended Ad Hoc Conference, the NAWL and NAC conferences, in their lobbying materials for politicians prior to section 28's adoption, and in public statements to the popular press.
Under Kaufman's leadership, regional General Counsel Institutes will be organized and modeled after the successful NAWL General Counsel Institute, now in its eighth year.
in appreciable numbers.(57) The NAWL data challenges this explanation,
for NAWL Conference on Career Development, Law Firm Initiatives, LEGAL TIMES, Apr.
(113) See CHRA Review Panel, supra note 107 at 108; NAWL Factum,
Rawalt was, in Peterson's words, "`so brilliant and had all those degrees and everything; and, although I was opposed to it, I knew we couldn't disregard ERA.'"(99) Rawalt "was a past president of both BPW and NAWL (the National Association of Women Lawyers), a member of the NWP, and had been the first woman ever elected president of the Federal Bar Association."(100)
She said, "I was seeing it on the news where all of those folks were giving their babies away, and I said, nawl, I will go ahead and keep it."
The National Association of Women Lawyers[R]; (NAWL) is raising the proverbial bar, and has installed a new president to lead the association.