NAWTNational Animal Welfare Trust (UK)
NAWTNational Association of Wastewater Transporters, Inc. (various locations)
NAWTNational Assessors and Workplace Trainers (Australia)
NAWTNorth American Water Trails (est. 1993; various locations)
NAWTNative Abstract Windowing Toolkit (IBM)
NAWTNorthern Alberta Walleye Trail (fishing club; Canada)
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"Nawt a bit," answered Sir Pitt, with a coolness and good-humour which set Miss Crawley almost mad with bewilderment.
In this study, 180 authentic AWT samples were collected from local plantations in 30 white tea production sites of Anji County And 60 NAWT samples were collected from 10 different production sites such as Miaoxi, Jingan, and Guangde.
In this paper, both AWT and NAWT samples were divided into a training class and a predicting class.
Nawt, deore dehtren, ne wite he in ower hus of oder monne pinges, ne ahte ne clades, ne boistes, ne chartres, scoren ne cyrograffes, ne pe chirch uestemenz, ne pe calices, bute neode oder strengde hit makie oder muchel eie.
Nere thet thing grislich hwas schadewe ghe ne mahte nawt [for grisl[e]] bihalden?
* has had formal working relationships and represents NEHA on working committees of other national organizations such as NACCHO, ASTHO, NALBOH, APHA, APHL, CSTE, AEHAP, NCSL, ALA, ICMA, CFA, ELI, NaCO, NOWRA, IFEH, AWWA, ECOS, NAWT, APA, NCLEHA, CIPHI, PSR, and SNA.
(3) Ne telle pu nawt edelich, al beo pu meiden, to widewen ne to iweddede.
James has yet to complete the cast of Space Jam 2 but Muggsy Bogues, whose cartoon equivalent was Monstar Nawt, doubts if James' iteration would live up to the original.
Tracey Hunt, 37, completed the Rat Race Dirty Weekend to help the National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT).
ISLAMABAD -- Federal Police have registered case against chairperson of Nasreen Anjum Welfare Trust (NAWT) for extorting money from the citizens in the name of Hajj.
(1) The inherited Germanic preverbal negator ni (later ne), as in (1), began to cooccur with forms of not (e.g., nawt, noht, na[??]t), as in (2), which could later occur alone as the sole clausal negator, as in (3).