NAWUNational Agricultural Workers' Union
NAWUNorth Australian Workers' Union
NAWUNational Asylum Workers' Union (UK)
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"Most members of NAWU have had to engage in manual labour such as picking cotton or set up micro-trading enterprises in order to survive from day to day since losing their husbands.
He examined the role of Don McLeod (who was briefly a member of the CPA) in the historic Pilbara strike of 1946-49, and the strikes over labour conditions in Darwin in 1950 and 1951 which were supported by the communist leadership of the NAWU. Boughton referred to the support of communist-led unions, such as the WWF, for Aboriginal rights campaigns being organised in the 1950s and 1960s in Sydney and Melbourne; however he does not refer to the work of these organisations in far north Queensland.
In December 1928 a public delegation supported by the Northern Territory parliamentary representative, Harold Nelson, and just months after the decision of the NAWU in August to extend membership to 'Coloured' workers, called on the North Australia Football League to end the colour bar.
Ka-ngeybekkan nawu balay ka-ngimen nawu kururrk cave munguyhrnunguyh marrek mak ngarr-ngalke.
MG: Nguneh-nang nawu bim kure Marrngunj nawu delek birri-bimbom, nakka bininj o nakka njale?