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NAXNetzwerk Architekturexport (Germany)
NAXNetwork Analysis Expert (certification)
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If Nax and his new friends can't clear their names, then they're going to die trying.
As the zeolites exhibited effective catalytic activity to the methylation reaction of some aromatic amines [16, 17, 22-24], several different zeolites such as H[beta], H-ZSM-5, NaX, NaY, and MCM-41 were chosen to catalyze the reaction of MDA with DMC in order to obtain MBDMA, as shown in Table 1.
The X-ray diffraction analysis demonstrated that hydroxysodalite and NaX zeolites were formed after the synthesis.
Mole transfers of the reactive phases in mmol [L.sup.-1] Mole Reactive phase Chemical formula transfer Ca[X.sub.2] Ca[X.sub.2] -3.934 Mg[X.sub.2] Mg[X.sub.2] 1.965 NaX NaX 3.938 KX KX 0.000 [CH.sub.4(g)] [CH.sub.4(g)] -1.401 C[0.sub.2(g)] C[O.sub.2(g)] 4.781 Sulfur S 1.868 Albite NaAI[Si.sub.3[O.sub.8] -2.315 Anorthite Ca[Al.sub.2][Si.sub.2][O.sub.8] 3.748 K-feldspar [Kal.sub.3][Si.sub.3][0.sub.8] 2.315 K-mica [Kal.sub.3][Si.sub.3][O.sub.10][(OH).sub.2] -2.499
But yet little is known about the genetic mechanisms for salt tolerance in wheat except Nax genes reported in Australian durum and hexaploid wheat (James et al.
where Pi and Qi are the active and reactive power flows through branch i Vi the voltage magnitude at bus i b is the number of branches in system and ri is the resistanse of branch i Vmin and Vmax are respectively minimum and maximum voltage allowable for bus i and Ib nax is current limit through branch i.
Among the various available zeolites, X and Y zeolites, mainly in the sodic form NaY and NaX, meet the requirements of good selectivity and capacity (NIBOU et al., 2010; OSTROSKI et al., 2011; RAO et al., 2006).
IsoCool specified that the five new Eurochiller NAX V-A-920 air cooled water chillers were built with fin coil protection to counteract the corrosive effects of the coastal location and tropicalised to maintain performance in ambient temperatures of up to 50[degrees]C.
The values of [] and [R.sup.Br.sub.X] for NaX are not significantly different from the corresponding values for [Na.sub.2]X for X = 1 and 2 (Table 2).