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NAXNetzwerk Architekturexport (Germany)
NAXNetwork Analysis Expert (certification)
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In the first part of (5), [phi](1 - a)/2 shows the probability of a skilled manager messing up the first-period investment, and Nax - k shows the value created by a skilled manager.
The NAX will commence its first southbound sailing from Singapore on September 2, and the first northbound sailing from Auckland on September 24.
The X-ray diffraction analysis demonstrated that hydroxy-sodalite and NaX zeolites were formed after the synthesis.
With the launch of NAX, Nokia will enable developers to simply and effectively monetize their apps, as part of our continued focus on supporting the developers ROI to build successful businesses" Richard Kerris, VP & Head of Nokia's Global Developer Relations, said in a statement.
juices are sealed into the patty instead of running over pan L NAX LOVE NADIA XXX CHUNKY GUACAMOLE Crikey, they serve guacamole everywhere out here.
Bannerman Resources, another Australian uranium development company listed on the TSX, ASX and NAX, is focused on developing their Etango project, which they aim to see in production by 2015.
The 2 genotypes possessing the Nax genes (5020 and 5042) had significantly higher grain protein than the parent genotype Tamaroi (Table 2).
Limiting the series by maximum degree nax = 2159, the potential in Eq.
No de marcadores de No de resistencia Patrones de resistencia cepas % 1 STR 24 20,5 TET 16 13,6 NAX 5 4,2 CXM 1 0,9 KAN 1 0,9 5 patrones 47 40,0 2 STR TET 17 14,5 TET NAX 2 1,7 AMP TET 1 0,9 AMC TET 1 0,9 CAZ STR 1 0,9 5 patrones 22 18,8 3 CAZ TET NAX 1 0,9 1 patron 4 TIC KAN STR TET 1 0,9 1 patron 5 AM TIC AMC TE SXT 1 0,9 AM TIC STR TET 1 0,9 AMC CAZ STR TET CLO 1 0,9 3 patrones 3 2,6 7 AMP TIC CXM CAZ TNN NAX 1 0,9 AMP TIC CXM STR TET NAX 1 0,9 AMC CXM CAZ STR TET NAX CLO 1 0,9 3 patrones 3 2,6 AMP: ampicilina; TIC: ticarcilina; CXM: cefuroxima; CAZ: ceftazidima; AMC: amoxicilina/acido clavulanico; KAN: kanamicina; TNN: tobramicina; STR: estreptomicina; TET: tetraciclina; NAX: acido nalidixico; SXT: trimetoprima/sulfametoxazol; CLO: cloranfenicol.