NAYLENational Advanced Youth Leader Experience (Boy Scouts of America)
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* Dorothy Nayles, director of community programs, Little Rock Ark.;
With nayles on rode thay dyd hym hang; Wherfor, woman, thou says wrang.
His coomb was redder than the fyn coral, And batailled as it were a castel wal; His byle was blak, and as the jeet it shoon; Lyk asure were his legges and his toon; His nayles whitter than the lylye flour, And lyk the burned gold was his colour.
But all the skie is a burning: The ditch is made, and our nayles the spade, With pictures full, of waxe, and of wooll; Their livers I sticke, with needles quicke; There lacks but the bloud, to make up the floud.
Clown I am gone, sir, and anon, sir, Ile be with you againe: In a trice, like to the old vice, your neede to sustaine, Who with dagger of lath, in his rage and his wrath, Cries ah ha, to the diuell: Like a mad lad, paire thy nayles, dad, Adieu good man diuell.
They prostrate themselves before Havelok and '[h]ise fet he kisten an hundred sypes, / the tos, pe nayles, and pe lithes [tips]' (2158-63), and the narrator likens their joy to the bliss felt at Christ's resurrection ('Was non of hem pat he ne gret-, / Of ioie he weren alle so fawen, / So he him haueden of erpe drawen' (2159-61).
a confused light of small starres; like so many nayles in a doore ..." (252).
2778) Two gret nayles thai toke that tyde, And thurgh his handes thai gert tham glyde.
I am trying to contact Margaret Nayles, who lived in Avonbridge, by Falkirk.
Item Spent Apon Pallme Sondays for flowres & kaakes and Nayles and Settyng vp of the pageanttes Summa xx d
The "hammeres and nayles large and lange" (35.30) are no longer used to construct the ship of salvation but to crucify the Savior; trees are no longer used to build the vessel of survival but the instrument of death.
Main Street Place LLC, led by Lee Charles Nayles and Alonzo Williams Sr., secured the five-month loan from One Bank & Trust.