NAYLENational Advanced Youth Leader Experience (Boy Scouts of America)
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shall I never leeve that this ys trewe, by God omnypotent, but I see in his handes two holes the nayles can in goe and put my fynger eke alsoe thereas the nayles went.
But all the skie is a burning: The ditch is made, and our nayles the spade, With pictures full, of waxe, and of wooll; Their livers I sticke, with needles quicke; There lacks but the bloud, to make up the floud.
a confused light of small starres; like so many nayles in a doore .
2778) Two gret nayles thai toke that tyde, And thurgh his handes thai gert tham glyde.
Item Spent Apon Pallme Sondays for flowres & kaakes and Nayles and Settyng vp of the pageanttes Summa xx d