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NAYSNational Alliance for Youth Sports
NAYSNorth American Youth Sports (Green Bay, WI)
NAYSNotary at Your Service (various locations)
NAYSNorth Andover Youth Services
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Can you wish me so ill?" Sophia, looking down on the ground, answered with some hesitation, "Indeed, Mr Jones, I do not wish you ill."--"Oh, I know too well that heavenly temper," cries Jones, "that divine goodness, which is beyond every other charm."--"Nay, now," answered she, "I understand you not.
"Nay, but this will scarce suffice," cried the shipman.
"Nay, Sir Oliver, you had best bide with us, and still show your ensign," Sir Nigel answered; "for, if I understand the matter aright, we have but turned from one danger to the other."
"Nay," said the little knight, "it would be scarce fitting that a cavalier should throw off his harness for the fear of every puff of wind and puddle of water.
"Nay, Seth, lad; I'm not for laughing at no man's religion.
"Nay, nay, Addy, thee mean'st me no unkindness," said Seth, "I know that well enough.
"Nay; I've got my hat and things at Will Maskery's.
"Nay," said Robin, "thou hast missed the mark and dost but weep for the wrong sow.
"Nay," quoth the Tinker, "thou art but a green youth.
"Nay," cried the host, throwing up his elbow, for he feared the blow, "how knew I that thou knewest him not?"
"Nay," quoth the landlord, standing in front of him and holding out his arms like a gooseherd driving his flock, for money made him bold, "thou goest not till thou hast paid me my score."
Nay, I say, thou goest not away without paying me, else shall our good Sheriff know of it."