NAYYNo Affiliation, Yada, Yada (means you are not with the company you are talking about)
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LED floodlight, 4 hrs of standing mast 6 m, Technical installations in outdoor systems, 270 m Ground cable NAYY 4 x 240, 270 m Ground cable NYY 5 x 4, 160 m Fiber outer cable 2 x 12E9 / 125, 160 m FM outer cable 20DA, 90 m cable protection tube, 270 m Grounding line Rd 10 niro,
Lot - Cable NAYY with PVC insulation and aluminum conductors 3h95 sm + 50 rm purchase, projected amount - 40,000 meters.
Repair of cables in emergencies: - Adjoining cabling - power cables for street lighting systems are NAYY and CBT 4h50 mm2 4h25mm2, mm2 4h16, 4h10 mm2, 4x6 mm2 and 4x4 mm2.