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NAZINationalsozialist (member of NSDAP)
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* Nazis prohibited Jews from owning businesses, attending schools and working in certain trades.
The veterans-turned-amateur-private-eyes were immediately welcomed by the leaders of the Nazi group and gained quick access to the group's inner circle.
In response, The Chabad Taipei Jewish Center today expressed its regret at yet another instance of Nazi paraphernalia being used in Taiwan.
The chilling footage was filmed in December 1940, during the Second World War, and it shows how Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party celebrated Christmas.
Burwitz worked at the BND when it was led by Reinhard Gehlen, a former Nazi military intelligence commander who went on to run West Germany's spy agency until 1968.
"For Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, no American city was more important to the cause than Los Angeles, home to what he deemed the world's greatest propaganda machine, Hollywood....
Much of the discussion on the latest game focuses on Wolfenstein 2's very prescient in-game commentary that calls out terrorists, ( Nazi sympathizers  and Holocaust deniers. The franchise's latest tweet looking to take down the "right or left" discussion makes clear that they've taken the side that the first-person shooter has always taken: No More Nazis.
"In the Baltic countries, in Ukraine, the Nazis march openly: carrying torches, Nazi symbols, for all to see.
The editors introduce the essays by noting a significant work of the Nazi era.
The following day Aston Villa faced a German X1 and received the same Foreign Office advice to placate Hitler and his cohorts but to the enormous chagrin of the Foreign Office, the Nazi party and government-controlled Nazi media, Jimmy Hogan's boys in claret and blue refused and just to rub it in won the game 3-2.
Der Standard said its poll was designed to show how today's Austrians judged Nazi rule.
Nazi Propaganda for the Arab World, by Jeffrey Herf.