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NAZINationalsozialist (member of NSDAP)
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Some tweets urged players to buy the game if just out of spite for Nazi sympathizers: "Do it just to piss the local point-headed neo-Nazis off.
Scharnberg asserted that the profitable position of being the main channel for news reports and pictures out of Nazi Germany could only be obtained by entering into a mutually beneficial collaboration with the Nazis.
The editors introduce the essays by noting a significant work of the Nazi era.
Hugh was a great admirer of the Villa full back George Cummings, not just because he gave the Nazis a two-fingered salute but because he was the only full back who ever neutralised the legendary wizard of the wing, Stanley Matthews.
And for more than a dozen years, countless Germans had been proud members of the Nazi party and followers of the Fuhrer.
Der Standard said its poll was designed to show how today's Austrians judged Nazi rule.
The Nazis hired Arab exiles in Germany, such as the Palestinian Grand Mufti Haj Amin el-Husseini and the Iraqi collaborator Rashid Ali Kilani with the assistance of top Nazi officials, to produce millions of leaflets and thousands of hours of shortwave radio programs.
Herf utilises extensive primary research, including archival records and transcriptions of Nazi radio broadcasts and printed propaganda in Arabic.
Because of the passage of time, there may not be many people in the county who know about the meaning of the Nazi symbol, the swastika.
That is why understanding the power of the cinema in the Nazi state is so important.
Our article was headed "The Nazis were so amazing" and claimed that Mr Ferry had been "singing the praises of the Nazis".