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Late in 2009, the CBJ announced it was granting operating licenses to three new lenders: the Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank, National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAB) and Saudi Arabia's Al Rajhi Bank, which would take the number of licensed financial institutions operating in the country to 26.
A dubious possibility for (13) would be a West Semitic equivalent of Madanum, divinized justice, which occurs in Akkadian names in various periods: (I) i-li-ma-da-nu-um, ili-Madanum, 'my god is Justice,' OBab Khafajah, CAD M/I 11a; (II) [.sup.d]DI.KUD-iddina, Madanum-iddina, 'Justice has given to me,' NBab, CAD M/I 11a.
Some examples are difficult, notably salamu 'friendly relations, peace' (CAD S 89; found at Mari, Shemshara, Boghazkoy, Ugarit; the single NBab case is uncertain) and the verb salamu 'to be reconciled; D, to bring about peace,' with many derivatives (CAD S 88).