NBAFNational Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility
NBAFNational Black Arts Festival (Atlanta, GA)
NBAFNational Bodybuilding And Fitness
NBAFNational Button Accordion Festival (annual accordion convention; est. 2007)
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The NBAF will strengthen our nation's ability to conduct research, develop vaccines, diagnose emerging diseases and train veterinarians.
The NBAF would be the world's fourth Biosafety Level 4 laboratory capable of large animal research, replacing the aging Plum Island Animal Disease Center located off Long Island.
The 470 staffers at NBAF the bulk of them researchers and other scientists will be part of the ATIP networks, just as such scientists are who now work at the existing NBAF lab in Plum Island.
The DHS plans regarding the NBAF raise several policy issues.
In addition to the time set aside for participants to attend NBAF events, each luncheon during the conference included performances from NBAF jazz, Latin and contemporary musical performers.
According to DHS literature, the NBAF complex will fill a critical void in responding to "high consequence biological threats involving human, zoonotic and foreign animal diseases." While DHS advertises it as a response to "threats," the Council for Responsible Genetics notes that because efforts to diagnose and treat exposure to biological weapons necessarily involve their production and dispersal, transparency measures must be enforced to verify the defensive intent of such efforts.
Baf53b is one of several proteins making up a molecular complex called nBAF.
The Research Council report noted that if FMD escapes from the NBAF, it is likely to cause a widespread and economically devastating outbreak.
However, no list would be complete without mentioning the National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF).