NBAMRNarrow Band Adaptive Multi-Rate
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In recent years the largest Primore companies, VBTRF and Dalmoreproduct, have become entangled in these scandals and have been either broken up or paralyzed by legal actions and by lack of quotas; only one of the huge former state enterprises in Primore, NBAMR, remains intact, relatively free of legal conflicts, and fully active.
We Don't Need the Shores of Chile," an interview with Anatoly Kolisnechenko, General Director of NBAMR, published in Tiknookeanskyi Vestnik, No.
NBAMR BoD recommended AGM dividends for 2012 at R405 per common share and R137 per preferred one, including already paid dividends for 9M 2012 (R295 [ETH][cedilla] R16 excluding interim dividends, respectively).