NBANNational Business Angels Network (UK)
NBANNarad Broadband Access Network (Narad Networks, Inc.)
NBANNext-Generation Broadband Access Network
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One of the key proposals being tabled by NBAN is to further support new business by establishing an industry forum where regional and local business angel networks can discuss issues, share their own experiences and co-ordinate policy.
The DTI's pledge to NBAN comes after the Government announced plans to review the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.
These figures indicate that investor confidence in the business angel market remains robust,' said NBAN managing director Bernard Hallewell.
The NBAN was launched in 1999 as a clearing house for business angels and companies seeking funds and is supported by the Department of Trade and Industry.
The NBAN was chosen to pioneer the scheme because of it already operates a match-making network, bringing together its bank of investor champions with new businesses.