NBCONevis Business Corporation Ordinance (est. 1984; Nevis)
NBCONewspaper-Broadcast Cross-Ownership (Federal Communications Commission rule)
NBCONon-Banking Credit Organization (microfinance; Azerbaijan)
NBCOName Brand Computer Outlet
NBCONuclear, Biological, and Chemical Officer
NBCONeodymium Barium Copper Oxide
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In November 2007, then-FCC Chairman Kevin Martin unveiled his proposal for a new NBCO rule in a New York Times Op-Ed and simultaneous press release.
The commissioners received the order the night before the vote, and revisions of the NBCO rule were still being circulated the morning of the vote.
Given the stay of the revised NBCO rule, one would not expect to see any
For example, the NBCO rule prohibits the creation of new
For example, NBCOs are not required to create reserves when issuing loans, but the TBC Kredit still creates reserves for internal reporting, he said.
NBCOs are facing an uncertain future in the nation and the recent reduction in the number of banks in the country has also negatively affected the operations of NBCOs operating in the country.