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NBCOTNational Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy, Inc.
NBCOTNational Board for Certification of Orthopedic Technologists (Syracuse, NY)
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Yet, to date, no studies have evaluated whether OT program admission interviews predict performance on the NBCOT certification examination.
Furthermore, no previous research has attempted to link preadmission writing performance with future performance on the NBCOT certification examination.
To date, no studies have examined the predictive value of ratings obtained from letters of recommendation to performance on the NBCOT certification examination.
At the time of this publication, no published studies had explored the relationship between OT student performance during fieldwork and performance on the NBCOT certification examination.
The intent of the current study was to explore the relationship among (a) preadmission factors, (b) graduate program performance factors (including academic and fieldwork performance), and (c) demographic factors on first-time pass rates on the NBCOT certification examination for occupational therapists.
The primary outcome measure (passing or failing the NBCOT certification examination on the first attempt) was acquired from the official report provided to the MOT program director by NBCOT.
The final point of data collected included the 3-year aggregate pass rate on the NBCOT certification exam that all OT academic programs are mandated to report.
The results indicate that there were no significant differences in the NBCOT pass rates between the groups based on class size (F = 1.
This study contributes an initial element to the discussion regarding graduate success on the NBCOT certification exam and is an extension of the conversation related to student outcomes for OT education programs.
The first suggested area of ongoing study would be to contact each entry-level OT program to ascertain program data related to additional variables that may be able to predict student success on the NBCOT board exam more accurately than the current regression model.
16), it is important for current and prospective students, educators, administrators, and professional organizations to continue to examine the relationship between a variety of factors and student outcomes on the NBCOT exam.