NBCRNuclear, Biological, Chemical and Radiological
NBCRNational Board Certified Reflexologist (American Reflexology Certification Board)
NBCRNational Biomedical Computational Resource
NBCRNational Board for Certification of Registrars
NBCRNebraska Border Collie Rescue, Inc.
NBCRNorth Brazil Current Rings
NBCRNew Bible Commentary Revised
NBCRNet Benefit Cost Ratio
NBCRNative Born Certificate of Residence
NBCRNorth Branch of the Chicago River
NBCRNational Breast Care Registry
NBCRNiobium Chromide
NBCRNetworking British Columbia Rivers
NBCRNew Broadway Cast Recording
NBCRNPES Baseline Change Request
NBCRNorth Beach Coast Riders
NBCRNational Bank of the Chechen Republic
NBCRNon-demand Behavior Change Request
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All the capital budgeting techniques like NPV, IRR, MIRR, BCR, NBCR, PI, PB, DPB and ARR favour the decision of implementing the project.
There is a high probability that an NBCR attack would result in catastrophic TRIA-triggering losses, and such events should be addressed in any potential revisions of the program.
As the federal backstop currently remains in place, many insurers have sought to acquire additional protection via reinsurance (excluding NBCR events) that protects them for virtually all certified conventional losses.
Especially important to the various policyholder groups that are CIAT's members, according to DePoy, are provisions of TRIREA that would lengthen the term of the program to 15 years; give businesses the ability to secure NBCR coverage under the same terms and conditions as for conventional risks; eliminate the existing legislation's distinction between foreign and domestically-sponsored acts of terror; and reduce the program's trigger level.
This article also explores the role of regional institutions in encouraging security cooperation in the Asia-Pacific, particularly in relation to NBCR security, and assesses their achievements in ensuring the implementation of, and compliance with, global multilateral non-proliferation agreements.
101 require the agency head to determine the purchase supports a contingency operation or is in defense against or recovery from an NBCR attack, Mr.
4299 would also require Government Accountability Office (GAO) studies of NBCR events, as well as of availability and afford-ability of terrorism insurance in specific markets.
We think that the NBCR issue should be addressed only after a full study of all its potential implications.
RIMS believes the NBCR risks represent some of the most problematic areas in the on-going TRIA debate.
Government Accountability Office issued a report on life insurers and the so-called NBCR risks.