NBCTNational Board Certified Teacher
NBCTNational Board Certification for Teachers
NBCTNational Banks of Central Texas
NBCTNational Bureau of Curriculum and Textbooks (Pakistan)
NBCTNorth Belfast Community Transport (community organization joint venture; UK)
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In aggregate, the consideration, which is subject to certain adjustments, will be 60% NBCT common stock and 40% cash.
Melissa Collins, NBCT, Tennessee; elementary school teacher and America Achieves lead fellow
To determine if the NBCTs perceived they were using more developmentally appropriate practices than their non-NBCT peers, participant responses were analyzed.
One NBCT reflected, "This is one of the most grueling, yet rewarding experiences I have ever undertaken" (Tracz, et al.
The NBCT process embodies what we advocate in schools of education and what policymakers should be nurturing as critical, reflective inquiry among classroom teachers.
At the outset of her NBCT quest, Dersham recognized she needed to let students know about the portfolio she was assembling.
The standards, assessments, and organization are run by teachers and for teachers, said Holly Bloodworth, NBCT, president of the Kentucky NBCT Network.
Brouwer, NBCT, is an art specialist at Georgetown Elementary School in Hudsonville, Michigan.
These are: (1) Leveraging the investment in NBCTs; (2) Involving teacher leaders in setting policies that affect them; (3) Uniting on goals and outcomes for maximum impact; (4) Dividing the work to make things happen; (5) Sharing responsibility for monitoring challenges and opportunities; (6) Being vigilant with a policy agenda that supports National Board Certification; (7) Providing a variety of opportunities for teachers so they can find their own paths to grow from NBCT to accomplished teacher leader; and (8) Keeping NBCTs connected.
Also included in this report are references to the Congressionally-mandated report, "Assessing Accomplished Teaching: Advanced-Level Certification Programs", by the National Research Council of the National Academies, and "Measuring What Matters: The Effects of National Board Certification on Advancing 21st Century Teaching and Learning", by the "TeacherSolutions" NBCT Team, Center for Teaching Quality.