NBDBNational Book Development Board (Philippines)
NBDBNational Bioresource Development Board (India)
NBDBNational Bank Discount Brokerage (Canada)
NBDBNational Bibliographic Data Bank (Lithuania)
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Among the experts who collaborated with the MCC and the NBDB were Robert Alejandro, Romulo Baquiran, Rica Bolipata-Santos, Paolo Chikiamco, Rosario Cruz Lucero, Elizabeth Lolarga, Maria F.
Thus, we will neither borrow from NBDB because of its narrow equity base nor can we have real influence on BDB's lending practices.
Since December 1, 2013, NBDB has been offering one of the most competitive fee structures in the Canadian direct brokerage industry.
The forum, dedicated to authors, began with NBDB executive director Graciela Cayton explaining the publishing industry supply chain, which included content producers, publishers, printers, paper suppliers, booksellers, etc.
NBDB is present across Canada, and employs 100 securities representatives to serve its more than 130,000 clients, and has total assets in excess of $12 billion.
This partnership is one that the NBDB is particularly proud of because it highlights the importance of quality books for everyone and promotes the book publishing industry.
It stands to reason that Consul Ady should be with us this time as he winds up his tour of duty in Berlin, for it was he who had challenged the NBDB to be where we are today, in Frankfurt.
It was Consul Ady who first broached the idea of the NBDB taking the leap to decide to participate even before we made our first observation tour.
The NBDB has had numerous events centering on children's books, but industry professionals had raised the pressing need for such a summit to discuss issues in the development of children's books.
NBDB, with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts and Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino, started last year the Pinoy Book Stop Tour.
Among the presiding officers during the Orion opening were National Artist Virgilio Almario, the new chair of the NCCA; Roberto Anonuevo, director-general of KWP; and Flor Marie Santa Romana-Cruz, NBDB head; Orion Mayor Antonio Raymundo Jr.