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NBDENational Board Dental Examinations
NBDENew Brunswick Department of Education (Canada)
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For the NBDE, the largest publisher was Decks Corporation (25%, n=3/12), publisher of Dental Decks, an NBDE preparation flashcard series.
From 2004-2007, 10% (n=55/546) of all published USMLE preparation titles and no NBDE preparation titles were reviewed in Doody's.
The authors found only five reviews of USMLE preparation resource [37-41] and no reviews of NBDE preparation resources.
The investigators designed and distributed two surveys: one focused on preparation materials for the USMLE and the other on questions specific to the NBDE (Appendixes A and B online).
The NBDE survey was sent to seventy-five librarians.
Twenty-six of 75 librarians receiving the NBDE instrument completed the survey, representing a 35% individual response rate.
In addition to asking libraries how many NBDE preparation materials they purchased, respondents were also queried about what they purchase.
Split almost evenly, 10 responding libraries had official NBDE materials collection development policies (44%) and 11 libraries (48%) did not.
Table 2 shows the justifications for collection development of NBDE preparation materials for the entire respondent pool.
Cross-tabulation of these justifications with data from the 9 libraries whose policies prohibited purchase of NDBE preparation materials revealed the following the justifications for not purchasing: Print NBDE preparation resources were frequently stolen or defaced (33%, n=3/9).
Collecting print NBDE preparation materials ws not in accordance with the library's mission or goals (33%, n=3/9).
The dental school took responsibility for providing access to all NBDE testing materials (22%, n=2/9).