NBDNRENew Brunswick Department of Natural Resources and Energy (Canada)
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Activities undertaken to accomplish this goal were: (1) assessment of long-term trends in supply of various habitats; (2) selection of species upon which to focus management efforts; (3) development of functional relationships between forest structure (habitat) and wildlife populations; (4) development of management objectives for habitat; (5) integration of habitat values with the process of developing forest management strategies; (6) development, in cooperation with the forest industry, of appropriate strategies and implementation procedures; and (7) development of assessment procedures for forest management activities as they relate to habitat (NBDNRE 1995).
Approximately 900 DWA's have been identified on Crown land from aerial and ground surveys over several decades (NBDNRE 1995, 1996a).
MCFH was defined as habitat meeting the structural and spatial attributes for American marten (NBDNRE 1995).
This represented 11% of all Crown land (NBDNRE 1995).
Specific guidelines have been developed by DNRE for determination of watercourse buffer zones and forestry activities within watercourse buffer zones (NBDNRE 1996b).