NBDPNeighborhood Business Development Program (Maryland)
NBDPN-Benzoyl-D-Phenylalanine (antidiabetic compound)
NBDPNarrowband Direct Printing (maritime teletype)
NBDPNeighborhood Business District Program
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Under the NBDP, he elaborated that 3,800 training programmes would be organized to be supported with 761 over-the-counter documents on feasibility reports, regulatory procedures, HR and technology.
(2010) who have catalogued the flora of the NBDP. That's how the DBNP appears to be a site of high biodiversity because of the diversities of zones in a relatively reduced area.
The NBDP is a well-respected source on birth defects, and the 8,700 cases and controls makes this the largest such case-control study.