NBDPNeighborhood Business Development Program (Maryland)
NBDPN-Benzoyl-D-Phenylalanine (antidiabetic compound)
NBDPNarrowband Direct Printing (maritime teletype)
NBDPNeighborhood Business District Program
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Under the NBDP, he elaborated that 3,800 training programmes would be organized to be supported with 761 over-the-counter documents on feasibility reports, regulatory procedures, HR and technology.
At the beginning of the NBDP, new technology areas are typically identified through multiple channels, including direct customer feedback from the field; data aggregation from sources such as trade publications, technology journals, Google searches, blogs, and social media; research work with colleges and universities; direct feedback from executive insights; and innovation ideas gathered through the Innovation Roadmap and EMC Enhancements pathways.
The NBDP is a well-respected source on birth defects, and the 8,700 cases and controls makes this the largest such case-control study.