NBDPNNational Birth Defects Prevention Network
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Microcephaly case counts by source of information and National Birth Defects Prevention Network (NBDPN) case definition--New York, 2013-2015 Source of No.
NBDPN mainly facilitates most of the multistate collaborative birth defects research projects.
Another study used 2006-2010 nationwide Down syndrome data reported to NBDPN by 41 population-based birth defects surveillance programs [16].
Of the 41 birth defects surveillance programs in USA that reported data to NBDPN in 2013, 29% reported data from live births only, 42% reported data from live births and stillbirths, and 29% reported data from all pregnancy outcomes [16].
Researchers using data from 41 population-based surveillance programs that reported data to NBDPN in 2013 found a higher prevalence of Down syndrome when all pregnancy outcomes were included compared to prevalence estimates from live births only [16] (Table 2).
NBDPN has already translated ICD-9-CM birth defects codes to ICD-10-CM (Table 3).
Over half of the 43 USA population-based birth defects surveillance programs that report data to NBDPN use ICD9-CM to code birth defects [24].
Additionally, NBDPN is yet to translate CDC/BPA to ICD10-CM even though some birth defects surveillance programs are ready for the implementation of ICD-10-CM [24].
Categorization of birth defects reported to NBDPN, for instance, core and optional, may be very useful especially after October 2015 once the ICD-10-CM is implemented.
In addition, we examined associations with multiple birth defect groups based on surveillance definitions proposed by the NBDPN (2010), which will allow future comparisons and collaborations with other states participating in the National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2011b).
Neural tube defects were excluded because the national prevalence of these defects has been previously estimated using NBDPN data (4).
NBDPN's efforts to improve the uniformity of case definitions and data collection and to allow a mechanism for pooling data make analyses such as these possible.