NBDPSNational Birth Defects Prevention Study
NBDPSNew Brighton Department of Public Safety (New Brighton, MN)
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Similar to the NBDPS findings, in a large Danish cohort study covering 832,636 live births from 1996 to 2008, exposure to any corticosteroids during the first trimester was not associated with an increased risk for cleft lip or cleft palate.
Inconsistencies across these studies, as speculated by authors of the NBDPS analysis, may result from a lack of information on the dose of drug used by the mother, the indication for its use, or any measure of the severity of the underlying maternal disease for which the corticosteroids were prescribed, It is possible that maternal disease or disease activity in and of itself is a direct cause of oral clefts or that corticosteroids are linked to increased risk for clefts through co-occurring other exposures such as smoking, alcohol, or obesity.
(2011) used data from the NBDPS 1997-2005 to test hypotheses related to specific defect associations previously reported in the literature, as well as to explore associations with additional defects.
Increased interest in maternal chronic conditions and the need for more specific information regarding medication exposure, including the timing and dosage of medication used during pregnancy, led to the establishment of a successor project to the NBDPS: the Birth Defects Study to Evaluate Pregnancy exposures (BD-STEPS).
A water module was added to the NBDPS interview in 1999, and questions about personal water use were asked of all mothers beginning in 2000, including sources (private well, unfiltered tap, filtered tap, bottled, other); presence and type of filtration; quantity of water drank at home and at work or school on an average day; and any changes including month/year of change in source or quantity of drinking water consumed.
It is likely that some women can be protected only by higher folic acid intake, a fact addressed by the recently revised recommendations by the USPSTE Overweight and obese women, who are therefore at elevated risk for type 2 diabetes, were included in the NBDPS population.
To help rule out the possible contribution of recall bias, a sensitivity analysis was also conducted comparing mothers of malformed infants with mothers of infants with other malformations not implicated in the Broussard NBDPS study.
NBDPS is a multicenter case-control study conducted to assess risk factors for selected major birth defects.
The NBDPS CATI includes occupation-related questions for jobs held for at least 1 month from 3 months before conception through the end of pregnancy.
"In particular, maternal intake of folic acid-containing vitamin / mineral supplements was not associated in the NBDPS with a reduced risk of neural tube defects, and findings for dietary folate were inconsistent" in these previous analyses, said Suzan L.
NBDPS is an ongoing, multistate, case-control study of environmental and genetic risk Factors for major birth defects that can be used in response to public health concerns regarding rare drug exposures and birth defects (3,4).
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)--National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory (Research Triangle Park, NC) entered into an Interagency Agreement to conduct a DBP and birth defects study as part of the existing National Birth Defects Prevention Study (NBDPS).