NBEETNational Board of Employment Education and Training (Australia)
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In its publication Speaking Business: The Needs of Business and Industry for Languages Skills (NBEET, 1994), the authors report on interviews with executive directors of successful Australian export firms.
* the government sponsor three or four sample audits involving representatives from commerce and industry, as well as experts in the fields of applied linguistics and cultural studies (NBEET, 1994, pp.
It is easier for them to speak English than it is for us to speak Indonesian or Thai" (NBEET, 1994, p.
In contrast to the NBEET findings the COAG Report quotes a survey of 100 Australian firms where 64 per cent stated that familiarity with the language of their European business partners had been an advantage.
as a consequence of the abolition of the Commonwealth Tertiary Education Commission (CTEC) and the establishment of the National Board of Employment, Education and Training (NBEET) and its councils there is a clear need for the Australian Vice Chancellors' Committee (AVCC) on behalf of the higher education institutions themselves, to publish regular policy statements about the goals and needs of higher education, independent of the Government and the Government bureaucracies.
-- Career structures for researchers (advice from NBEET)
-- Career progression for outstanding researchers (advice from NBEET)
-- Strategies to improve the quality of teacher training (NBEET)
-- The shape of teacher education-some proposals (NBEET)
-- Australia's teachers: An agenda for the next decade (NBEET)
National Board of Employment, Education and Training, NBEET: Schools Council.