NBEINASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Bioscience and Engineering Institute
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This is a substantial increase on 2011, when the nBEI was last published, which showed only 24% of businesses saw the commercial benefits of saving energy.
The nBEI shows many SMEs often aren't able to achieve their full energy saving potential without some support, whether that is financial or general advice.
However, encouragingly, overall the nBEI found that the importance SMEs place on energy management and efficiency is at its highest level since 2005.
The number of companies actively seeking to improve the monitoring and management of energy is at its highest level since the nBEI began over two years ago, currently 93.5% of respondents.
Zimmerman, "Children's Welfare Exposure and Subsequent Development," NBEI? Working Paper No.
These were some of the key findings of the npower Business Energy Index (nBEI), an annual report tracking business opinion on energy use, energy risk and carbon emissions.
The npower Business Energy Index (nBEI) found that business is backing targets to reduce carbon emissions.