NBFENational Board of Fitness Examiners
NBFENational Board of Forensic Evaluators
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Bear in mind that the NBFE is not a certifying organization in itself, and will not take the place of any certifying organization like AFAA.
The NBFE will establish one national standard of excellence that every certifying organization and college is free to adopt and use.
The examinations to be generated by the NBFE will permit fitness professionals to demonstrate their knowledge, skill and competence by successfully completing nationally standardized exams.
Fitness professionals who have passed the national boards will be registered with the NBFE. Employers, clients, the medical and allied health professions, insurance companies and the public can readily verify that a particular individual has achieved the distinction of passing the National Boards.
The NBFE has been approached by at least one state that is actively considering a program for the licensing of fitness professionals for the purpose of determining whether or not NBFE examinations might be used for licensing purposes.
The NBFE is presently working on several specialized versions of the National Boards.
Once a fitness professional has passed the Personal Fitness Trainer National Board Examination, he or she will be entitled to use the designation "NBFE Registered PFT," that is, "National Board of Fitness Examiners Registered Personal Fitness Trainer."
Once a fitness professional has passed the required National Boards and has been registered with the NBFE, the registration will remain in effect for two years.
CEUs will be available from various organizations that are recognized by the NBFE as "Affiliates." Organizations that wish to become affiliated with NBFE for this purpose will offer a program of CEUs specially designed to keep registration with the NBFE in full force and effect.
The NBFE draws support from five advisory committees: medicine, certification organizations, fitness professionals, health clubs, and higher education.
The Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), for example, has recently been granted "Affiliate" status in the category of certification organizations, that is, organizations that offer workshops, seminars, and training courses covering both theoretical and practical skills that are designed to prepare individuals to take the NBFE National Boards.
NBFE Affiliate status is available to qualified groups that participate in the programs of the NBFE, actively support its mission, and comply with other requirements of the Affiliate program.