NBFLNorth Berks Football League (UK)
NBFLNew Brunswick Federation of Labour
NBFLNational Bank Financial Ltd. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
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Sur l'activite economique << considerable >> dans le nord de la province, y compris les tensions engendrees par l'embauche d'immigrants aux << noms difficiles a prononcer [...] qui poussent les notres a quitter la province >>, voir Proceedings nbfl (1928-1930).
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The NBFL is now communicating with Enterprise Saint John our understanding of these commitments and also making available, for their consideration and adoption, an FTZ code of conduct articulating social and labour rights, including, as a minimum:
The NBFL, which dates back to 1913, (14) sees itself as "the central voice of labour in New Brunswick" and a lobbying body representing its members' interests with the provincial government.
The CCNB shares with the NBFL the goal of influencing public policy.
I am going to describe these in the form of five stories: the 1983 conference against "environmental job blackmail," the nuclear story, the NBFL committee on environment story, the forests and Crown lands story, and finally, the climate change story.
I also studied media reports and archival documents, including the Proceedings of the NBFL'S conventions containing the record of resolutions passed.
John McEwen, first vice-president of the NBFL, Larry Hanley of the Canadian Paperworkers Union, and Dana Silk, executive director of the CCNB, were among the participants.