NBFONational Black Feminist Organization
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While former black women's groups had tried to portray black women as "moral but entirely asexual," the NBFO took a closer look at contemporary social currents.
In contrast, NBFO aspired to be a national organization, addressing a wide range of black women's issues, while NABF, based in Chicago, espoused something of a self-help orientation, reserving consciousness raising sessions for black women while offering classes for women and men of all races on topics including feminist history, black female-male relationships, assertiveness training, drug awareness, and discussions of beauty standards and body image.
Interactionally, it appeared in tensions between lesbian and heterosexual women and expressions of homophobia, especially in NABF and NBFO.
BS: When I got active in this work, it was not through a primarily white organization, but through NBFO, and then Combahee, and then Kitchen Table/Women of Color Press, the first U.
According to Deborah Gray White, NBFO, "more than any organization in the century .