NBFRNew Bern Fire Rescue (New Bern, NC)
NBFRNational Brotherhood of Fathers Rights (Edmonds, WA)
NBFRNational Badminton Federation of Russia (est. 1962; Moscow, Russia)
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While bromide ions (m/z 79, 81) were usually monitored for most NBFRs in GC-ECNI/MS [78], other ions were occasionally reported for specific compounds.
Another GC coupled to ion trap tandem mass spectrometry (GC-IT-MS/MS) method was successfully applied for monitoring a wide range of PBDEs and NBFRs, together with Dechlorane plus, in the blubber of harbor porpoises.
Fewer studies have reported on the analysis of PBDEs and NBFRs using LC/MS techniques.
While the methods for extraction and clean-up of different BFRs vary slightly according to physicochemical parameters of target analytes, very little is known about these important parameters for NBFRs [14].