NBFRNew Bern Fire Rescue (New Bern, NC)
NBFRNational Brotherhood of Fathers Rights (Edmonds, WA)
NBFRNational Badminton Federation of Russia (est. 1962; Moscow, Russia)
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While bromide ions (m/z 79, 81) were usually monitored for most NBFRs in GC-ECNI/MS [78], other ions were occasionally reported for specific compounds.
Another GC coupled to ion trap tandem mass spectrometry (GC-IT-MS/MS) method was successfully applied for monitoring a wide range of PBDEs and NBFRs, together with Dechlorane plus, in the blubber of harbor porpoises.
PBDEs and NBFRs. Fewer studies have reported on the analysis of PBDEs and NBFRs using LC/MS techniques.
While the methods for extraction and clean-up of different BFRs vary slightly according to physicochemical parameters of target analytes, very little is known about these important parameters for NBFRs [14].