NBFSNational Bird-Feeding Society
NBFSNational Bankshares Financial Services
NBFSNon-Bank Financial Services (Ministry of Investment; Egypt)
NBFSNo Budget Film School (Los Angeles, CA)
NBFSNormally Biased Ferrite Substrate
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NBFS has linked its econometric macro-equations to Norges Bank's forecasting and policy analysis system (FPAS) (14).
A common database and infrastructure simplify cooperation between NBFS and NBMP.
With the acquisition of NBFS, RPM officials say Stonhard will enhance its after-sale service offerings to include on-going facility maintenance, while NBFS can capitalize on Stonhard's existing nationwide network of local territory managers and field engineers to grow its operations from coast to coast.
The most important way to protect birds, says the NBFS, is to avoid using toxic chemicals on your lawn and garden.